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How to Reverse Bad Habits

Habits are choices that you make without thinking! One little phrase has impacted your habits! Listen to learn how to reverse any negative damage!

Control, Accountability & Adaptability. SPP005

apparelStrengthen your mindset: recognize what you can and cannot control. Focus on your thoughts and actions.  Your mind controls your perceptions which influence how you react to events and determines your stress level. Engage in thoughts and actions that support your goals.Be accountable to a very important person-YOU! 

Mental Filters and Bad Thought Patterns SP004

When you can recognize bad thought habits, change them and put things in perspective to support yourself,  everything else becomes easier! Download the worksheet at

better thoughts

Identifying Bad Though Habits: Reality vs Expectations and Mind Reading.SP003

expectations_vs_reality.jpgBad habits can be things we think. Eliminate bad thoughts because they are destructive, non-supportive and push you away from what you want most!  Adding to the list of bad thought categories: Reality vs Expectations and Mind Reading.  Download the worksheet at

Harness the power of your thoughts

How paying attention to your internal dialog can free you from you self doubt.

With recognition, you can change those flawed thought patterns to ones that will support your goals and make reaching those goals much easier. Episode 2.


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Strong and Powerful: What is it?

The Strong and Powerful Podcast aims to provide tools you can implement to uncover self value and inner strength to overcome adversity.  The Mantra “I Am Strong and Powerful” is just the beginning of the journey to find confidence, self-esteem and live the productive, amazing and joyful life you are meant to have!

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